Custom Warranty Programs
at Affordable Prices!

Monthly Marranty

Monthly Warranty™ customizes warranty programs to make it easy for retailers of all sizes to sell extended warranties. We combine this with additional warranty choices at affordable prices, so retailers can sell warranties to more customers. We do all this extraordinarily quickly so retailers can see results fast and we can do this in your brand or ours.

We make it easy by customizing the program and software to do the hard work: from automatically processing and registering warranties sold to displaying them online for the cart. Our choice of extended warranties from monthly, yearly, 3-year and 5-year pay plans – starting as low as $2.99 per month – give retail customers more opportunities to buy warranties. And for those customers that don't buy a warranty with the product, we tailor aftermarket programs that combine personalized emails with one-click purchase and follow-up customer phone calls.

Monthly Warranty™ customizes programs to make it easy for retailers to sell warranties:

  • Automatically registers warranties sold and sends contracts to customers
  • Automatically displays the appropriate warranties online for eligible products
  • Automatically sends aftermarket emails with one-click customer purchase

Monthly Warranty™ offers prices for every budget, starting at $2.99 per month:

  • Monthly, Yearly, 3-year and 5-year pay plans
  • Flexibility to control warranty duration
  • Available promotional introductory prices

Monthly Warranty™ service plans include exceptional features and a commitment to Extraordinary Service – Every Time:

  • 100% parts and labor coverage
  • Fully insured & no deductibles
  • Committed to 100% satisfaction

With Monthly Warranty™ retailers have a choice for easily adding extended warranties for TVs, appliances, electronics, cameras and PCs to their portfolio and selling to more consumers. Retailers of all sizes choose Monthly Warranty™ because of its capability to customize the program for fast and easy implementation, affordable warranty choices, and extraordinary service!