Warranty Selector

Monthly Warranty™ was created not only to bring affordable alternatives to extended warranties but also to make the warranty sales process easy for retailers. With our innovative technologies, we have automated every aspect of the warranty sale, registration and payment processes so retailers don't have to manage these steps – and can focus on customers.

For retailers with an online presence, we make it easy to display the appropriate warranties for eligible products so customers can add the warranty to the cart. We customize our applications to automatically display the warranty, matching the look and feel of the retailer web site. When a product is selected by a customer, the appropriate warranty is displayed for the specific product type and the specific price band. And if the price later changes to another price band, the warranty changes to match it. No longer do retailers have to maintain warranty SKUs at various price bands for each eligible product!

Warranty Selector

Automated Registration

With Monthly Warranty™ it's just a few clicks at point-of-sale and in one minute you're done. We do all the rest automatically:

  • Process warranty sale
  • Register customers
  • Collect warranty payments
  • Send retailers payments

With Monthly Warranty™ all retailers have to do is sell the warranty online, at the register or at our online sales portal and we do all the rest. From a raw sales file we automatically register the customer and send a confirmation by email or letter with the contract to each customer. For customers purchasing recurring plan, we collect warranty payments automatically every month and send payments to retailers based on customer purchases. No longer do retailers have to register customers following the sale or create custom data transfer process to send the warranty sales data – we do all that!

One Step Sales