Dedicated Account Managers

We value the relationship we have with you and believe that your warranty sales potential is high, especially with a product like Monthly Warranty™. To build our relationship and help you achieve your potential, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to you, so you have one point of contact. The Account Manager's role is to help you excel in selling Monthly Warranty™ and to always be there for you to assist you in any way.

When you sign up with Monthly Warranty™, your Account Manager will assist you in many areas, including:

  • Setting up your account at Monthly Warranty
  • Training your sales reps on Monthly Warranty sales
  • Recommending warranty pricing and promotions
  • Guiding you to best utilize the variety of available reports
  • Reviewing sales performance and improvement opportunities
  • Periodically sharing best practices from other retailers

Most importantly, the Account Manager is dedicated to your business and is always there to help you succeed in selling warranties.